Why I Should Be in Apush Essay

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A loud bang goes off as the final beam of a building is set in place. This is where I envision myself in the very near future, to get there I know I have to get into college first. Colleges look favorably on students that take and do well in AP classes. That is why I want to participate in AP history to set myself up for success when applying for college. I believe I am an exceptional candidate for this program. I am mentally prepared for this. AP history will help me strengthen my writing skills, which I will use time and again throughout life. Additionally gaining a better understanding of university level course work is important for my growth. The first and most obvious benefit is the GPA factor of AP classes. Passing grades are all weighted one point higher, giving me a better chance of achieving a higher GPA. Additionally, this course will give me a better feel for where my passions are, allowing me to set more specific goals in life. Furthermore as an AP student I will contribute my time and effort doing the best I can possibly do given the chance to participate. I believe I have much to offer in discussions over different historical topics. Finally I believe that my participation in this class will better prepare me to become an athlete in college as well. I feel that I am suited for this AP class and that I should be considered a possible participant in AP United States History. My analytical skills and ability to understand the subject matter are second to none. I have set goals to get my self ahead of the rest of the college bound applicants. I believe that I am an easy choice for

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