Why I Returned to Schol Essay

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Why I Returned to School ENG121 Susan Turner-Conlon 08/05/2013 Why I Returned to School For some people returning to school is easy, for others it is one of the most difficult things that they can do. For me returning to school was something that I had to do. The way the economy is right now, the only way to get a decent paying job is to further your education. The money was also a big one. Good paying salary is something that was important me. Being a role model to my kids was another really big factor with returning to school. I really struggled with wanting to go back to school. When I really took time and looked at the way the job market is and the way that they economy was falling. I knew that the only way to be successful in life was to return to school and further my education. I really had to sit down and write a life plan to make sure that I made room for school. Fearful of the way the economy was crashing, I knew that if I didn't further my education I was at risk for not being able to support my family without help. I am not a person that likes to ask for help. I want to be independent. I knew that if I further my education it would be bring a salary that would be helpful to my husband and my children. With the thought of more money hanging over my head, I knew that returning to school was something that had to be done. I couldn't solely rely on my husband to take care of everything financially and felt like if I was selfish and just to continue to stay home that it would put to much stress on our relationship. My family was the last thing that really helped me make up my mind about returning to school. I wanted to be a role model for my kids and really show them that education is important. I had been a stay at home mom for almost 6 years and going back to school scared me. I didn't want to take time away from my kids. I wanted to make

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