Why I Love Shoplifting Rhetorical Analysis

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Going Against the Norm Every day the majority of our society goes out to buy the essentials to survive or they go buy products that they want. We always buy all these products that we need or want not thinking of the price that the big corporations put on the idea because that’s how most of us were raised, to work so we can afford to buy what we need to we are able to live another day. In the rhetorical paper “Why I Love Shoplifting” the female author has a different way of surviving and it is not by buying the products but by stealing them and being happy with her decision in doing so. The author’s reason for doing this she says “when I pay for something, I’m making a trade; I am offering the money that I bought with my labor for a product or service that the corporation wouldn’t share with me under any other circumstances” (“Why I Love Shoplifting,1). In the paper ‘Why I Love Shoplifting” the author was unsuccessful in showing the general audience and the secondary audience of low in come population that they should steal products as a way of protesting because the author’s logic seemed fallacious and Pathos was too over powering throughout for the author to be convincing. Since the author of this paper was anonymous key parts of the…show more content…
People who have high income don’t always worry about the price of products because they can afford it and in result don’t think a second about shoplifting. This being known the author wanted to target to a low income audience because they could relate to the author and be able to understand her point more. The message or the purpose that the author is trying to send to the low income audience is that they should not have to spend their hard earn money but instead shoplift as a way of protesting to big corporations to show them that they need to lower prices or they will end up losing more profit than actually lowering their

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