Why I Love My Job Essay

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Being a part of the Marine Corps is amazing for every Marine, it is a since of loyalty, honor and duty for your country. However, for me it was becoming a Force Recon Marine. In the Marine Corps, Force Recon Marines are the special operations individuals. These honorable soldiers jump out of planes, scuba dive, endure high-speed shooting, surveillance, and reconnaissance activities. I loved jumping out airplanes and experiences that came with it. One of the best work events that I can remember is the first time that I ever had the opportunity to plan and execute a company size military free fall jump for Second Force Recon Company. The first reason that this is my favorite work event is because it provided me the with the chance to test myself and see if I was ready to plan and then execute a military free fall jump mission. There is extensive work that goes into the planning and execution of a mission. Things that should be known is who all will be attending the jump, then verifying that all jumpers have a parachute. Once an accurate count is determined and parachutes are accounted, the next step is to make sure that there are enough Jumpmasters for supporting the jumpers and the drop zone along with the airplane. Check that all safety equipment for the drop zone. Lastly, in the planning process is to verify that the aircraft will be on time and that all gear is load on the plane. The second reason this is my favorite work event is because most jumps made only get to jump from 10,000 feet, but I have the ability to take us up to 18,000 feet. There are many reasons as to why I make jumps at 18,000 feet, one of which is the fact that the air is considerably thinner allowing for the use of oxygen during the jump. This kind of jump allows for training that not all soldiers get during High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) jumps. Another reason is that the

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