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Why I Live At The Po Free Essay

  • Submitted by: Zippity
  • on February 24, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 446 words

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Why You Should Never Use a Free Essay

You have a paper assignment on “Why I Live at the P. O.” and you don’t know what to write. You are panicking. “I’ll just look at a couple essays online, and then I’ll have an idea of how to go about it,” you tell yourself. Before you know it, you’re copying and pasting text into your paper. Maybe you exert yourself a little and use a thesaurus to change some of the words. In this essay, I will explain why it is a bad idea to use anything from a “free essay” Website.
Didn’t your mama ever tell you, “You get what you pay for”? Apparently, you didn’t listen. You probably won’t listen to me, either, because I’m an English teacher, and fools like you listen to English teachers about as well as you listen to your mamas. In a vain hope of getting through your thick skull, however, let me try to reach you.
First of all, the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of these essays is nearly always atrocious. When I scan the papers on these cheater Websites, at least 40% of the essays are D work; another 50% are C at best. That’s 90% of the essays coming in at a C or lower. If you’re happy with your gentlemen’s C, then help yourself to steaming pile of crap. However, let’s travel down that road a bit further. What are you going to do when—perhaps I should more accurately say if—you graduate and get yourself the professional job your degree supposedly has prepared you for? There’s no “free marketing report” Website out there. What will you do when you actually have to write a document yourself?
Let’s say you want better than a C. You’ll have to sift through 90% of the essays (I use that term loosely to refer to these almost random assemblages of words) in order to find the 10% that actually demonstrate a moderate to advanced level of literacy. That’s going to take a while. Then, you have to hope that one of those few essays addresses the assignment you were given. What are the chances?
I could go on, but like you, and like 90% of the...

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