Why I Chose to Become a Pta Essay

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Why I chose to become a Physical Therapist Assistant Raquel Herrera Dade Medical College Introduction to Physical Therapy Assistant 11/28/14 Professor Libia Sabes When choosing a profession, I was looking for options that would allow me to make a difference in someones life while having the opportunity to have a flexible, balanced life myself. Also a field that I would find interest in and enjoy. I am looking for a rewarding career in a struggling job market and down economy and figured that becoming a physical therapist assistant could be the answer. The soaring demand for physical therapist assistants can be attributed to the aging population, particularly baby boomers who are more vulnerable to chronic and debilitating conditions that require physical therapy services. I chose to become a physical therapist assistant because all of my life I have had an interest in health and science. My favorite subjects in high school were anatomy and physiology. After graduating high-school I decided to get my personal training certification, my dad played a really big role in why I obtained my personal training certification. He was a personal trainer and body builder since I was 2years old. Now he is managing sports club of l.a, because of him I got into the workout field. Once I started working with clients I noticed that many of them had injuries and I wanted more than just to teach someone a workout routine. I really wanted to learn more of different injuries and how to train these clients properly. As I started doing my research I became more and more interested in sports medicine. I really want to work with injured athletes and the closets profession besides becoming a sports medicine doctor or a physical therapist is a physical therapist assistant. A career in physical therapy is so rewarding, just the fact that I can help a

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