Why I Chose Ayn Anthem

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I chose Ayn Rand as my 20th century American author. One reason why I chose this author was because her name was the only name that came out to me out of all the authors in the list. After reading all of the names, her name was the only name that I had heard before and remembered. Another reason why I chose Ayn Rand was because I remembered reading a book by her called the Anthem, which I thought was a good book. Since I remembered her name as well as her book, I chose to pick her as my author. The three genres I chose to present the information about Ayn Rand will be a biography, a character sketch, and a book review. I chose a biography because I want to learn more about her. I want to find out where she came from and how she became an author. I chose a character sketch because I want to find out about her physical characteristics and as well as her personality. Once I do, I can describe them to you and make you draw a mental picture. The last genre I chose was a book review because I liked a book wrote by her and I would like to analyze and evaluate the book. The book was the Anthem by Ayn Rand and it was and still is one book I really actually enjoyed reading. One of the most interesting facts I learned about her was that Ayn Rand was widely known for developing a philosophical system she called objectivism. Rand characterized objectivism as a philosophy "for living on earth." Objectivism states that reality is mind-independent and that the moral purpose of one's life is the pursuit of…show more content…
She was a controversial American novelist and philosopher. She was the creator of the philosophy objectivism. She was a Caucasian female. Her religion was atheist. Even though there were rumors, her sexual orientation was straight. Her nationality was the United States. Rand was small woman, with dark hair, and was never at ease with her body. She was the eldest of three sisters. From her earliest years, Rand felt alienated from the
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