Why I Appreciate America's Veterans

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I appreciate America's veterans because they fought in our wars. I appreciate that because they were risking their lives for America. Millions of Americans are serving in the military to stand up and keep our country safe from attacks against our country. They sacrifice their freedoms to defend ours. They have to leave their families for long periods of time to be in war and combat. Sometimes they come home injured or hurt and they can’t get the best treatment. Some even have to leave their jobs and can’t get one when they come home. Sometimes they can even get a disease that is in the country that they are fighting in. There have been many people who come home with permanent injuries and have to wait months for a surgery. About 13 percent of America’s homeless veterans. Thousands of veterans have developed stress disorders. They are brave enough to know the many risks that they are taking. They may possibly see other Americans get killed. They give up being with their families during holidays. They have to go through long hours of training before they go into combat. When my neighbor was fighting in Iraq he hurt his back in a small explosion, he’s okay now. Veterans are more likely to graduate high school than most americans. About 3,500 veterans have been awarded the medal of honor. There are about 1.8 million World War II veterans still alive today. About 5.5 million American veterans have a disability. There are about 1.6 million female veterans currently living in America. There are currently three states with more veterans currently own business. 246,000 veterans are unemployed. Some veterans get stuck in a hospital for months waiting for an operation. That is just some of many reasons I appreciate America’s

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