Why I Am In School Today Essay

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Why I am in School Today At the age of 28, I am, once again, a college student. I was in college almost ten years ago, but I quit because I got back into my “bad” lifestyle. Deciding to return to school was a very important decision for me to make; hopefully, it will change my life in a positive way in several different areas. Starting school was very important for me to get myself out of the “rut” I was in. The past few years have been very difficult for me. I have gotten into some trouble, and now have a criminal record. Having a felony on my record had made it almost impossible for me to find employment anywhere, even at a fast food restaurant! Therefore, I had been living in the same way. I needed a change! Being unable to find a job made it hard for me to make changes in my life. I have been bored and boredom, I have found, often leads to bad decisions. I have been very depressed and that also has made it hard for me to make good decisions. School is helping with my attitude and outlook on life very much! It is great to have something to get ready for every day. Even having homework to do and tests to prepare for has given me a sense that I am accomplishing something. I finally feel like I am doing something positive with my life. Being unable to get a job has been a big problem for me. Almost no one wants to hire someone with a felony on their record, much less four! I have been Burns 2 turned down at fast food places, and this has been hard for me to cope with. My record is several years in my past, but that is still what most employers judge me by. Even though I tell them I am making positive changes and changing my life, those felonies are still hanging over my head. I suppose they worry that I am really just a “criminal!” Hopefully, if I obtain a college degree, some places will be able

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