Why I Am in College

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Why am I in college? I Never thought I would step foot in college. When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was always a princess, or a ballerina. I never thought about it. Now that I am older, I know you can’t just wish these things to happen. You need to work for what you want. Taking a step back from my fantasy, I saw where my life was going. I was going nowhere. I wasn’t the type of girl to go to college. I knew no one in my family thought I would go. I’m here to prove everyone wrong, I know where I’m supposed to be and it is here in college. Going to college was never in my future. I never knew what I wanted to do with my life. My mom talked to me senior year of high school, she told me to really think. Think about, how I wanted my life to turn out, the kind of person I wanted to become when I got older. Was I going to be proud of the person I turned into? When I thought long and hard about my life I knew I wanted to go to college and not take a year off. I knew that if I did so, I wasn’t going back. I knew I wanted to help people. Social work was always my number one job. I knew I could help people, and have a great future for myself and my family. The one reason I am in college is because I would like to have a better life then my mother and father. When they were in their teenage years, my mom became pregnant with me. Although she does not regret having me, she regrets not finishing out school and going to college. She beats herself up every day, and asks herself, why she didn’t go back. She knows that if she went back she would have a great life and a good job where she could support herself. She always relies on my step father for money. Unfortunately, I do not want to turn out like my mom. My step father didn’t get to go to college either because he took me and my mother in at a young age, so he

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