Why I Am Awesome

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t's been a month since I ranted... and yes, I've been drunk many a time without posting.... oh well, too bad. And for those of you who thought the ignorant ones got me-- piss off. For all of you sending in fanmail, keep that shit up. Keeps me laughing my ass off. As for you fucks sending in hatemail---- do yourself a favor and realize that just because you sent something in doesn't mean you're going on the idiots page. Half of the shit is so moronic you need a special decoder ring to decypher it or some shit... I put two of those up for your reading amusement. I didn't do it to make Corky famous. That is NOT free license for every one of you inbreeds to just drop a line because you think your opinion matters. It's not Gospel Truth like I've got here. It's an opinion. Makes me want to smack a motherfucker. Says a whole shitload about today's educational system. You can't even fucking write a bit of hatemail in an understandable fashion. I'd love to grab one of these "no child left behind" pussies and beat the shit out of them. Back in the day, dumb kids were just that--- dumb kids. You failed a grade, you did it over, you dealt with the humiliation. Why? You dumb. Deal with it. If that meant you kicked the shit out of a geek on the playground, you did. That was life. Now someone has pity for dumb kids? Please! Like I want to give a fuck about the class Dunce because he can't hack it. Don't pass the little shit along to the next grade and continue burdening the rest of his class with having to wait for his dumb ass to catch up. Damns. Makes me want to drive through a school zone at 90mph at roughly 2:50pm. What, Little Johnny can't spell? Maybe that's because Little Johnny should stay the fuck away from his Playstation while daddy's boning the next door lady. Seriously, what the hell happened to having some accountability? This kid is going to be passed up
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