Why Human Euthanasia Should Not Be Made Legal Essay

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Euthanasia Should Not Be made Legal After hours of stale hospital coffee in the waiting room, the doctor finally arrives with the prognosis. “ We are sorry ma’am, but I regret to inform you that when your mother slipped on that patch of black ice, she broke her hip; I also see that you don’t have medical insurance, so unless you have enough money to cover the cost of a new hip, I am afraid that it would be more cost efficient for us to just put her to sleep.” That is right, just like an animal. This is how the doctor’s in this country might become if they are ever given a license to euthanize a human being. This point is emphasized in “Why Doctor’s Should Not Kill People,” in The Mercury Reader. Assisted suicide should not be made legal, under any circumstances. The reasons for this stance are as follows: There are many ways to give a patient a dignified and painless death, When people sometimes ask for death, they might not be in the right frame of mind, and doctors are there to help us live, not die. A dignified death can be accomplished in many ways. Euthanasia does not have to be one of them. When people have a terminal illness, they already know that they are going to die, so they want to make the best out of whatever time they have left. The most comfortable death to many people simply lies at home with his or her family. For people that die at home, they do not have to worry about machines being the last thing they hear, they can go with the sounds of their family reciting a prayer over them. They do not have to stare at the bright, blank walls as they leave this earth, for they can smile at their family looking back at them and enjoy a truly peaceful death. Another way to die comfortably is to have good pain management. Morphine is an excellent example of such pain relief.

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