Why Housework Is A Dirty Word Analysis

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Analyze the current attitudes and approaches toward balancing family responsibilities and work and to what extent they have changed over the past few decades. Australians’ attitudes and approaches toward balancing family responsibilities and work have dramatically changed in the last few decades. The composition of the labour force has moved steadily to a more equalized gender balance since the early 1980s. The balance of work life and personal life has become a more serious issue in the past few decades as well, particularly in the case of working mothers. Logical positivism, especially in relation to household finance has also become a rampant issue for many Australian households. Men have traditionally had higher rates of labour force…show more content…
The main point of Rachel’s text is that domestic standards declined with women taking on employment, which she views as normal if it means that women are more realistic and less time-pressured. I disagree with the Rachel Browne’s citation in the article, that ‘Superwoman is dead’. To the contrary, I consider the modern working mother a ‘Superwoman’, in the sense of having to grapple with so many challenges imposed by our modern culture and many expectations that we are subjected to. Rachel measures decline in domestic standards by the increase of takeaway consumption by Australian households. My opinion is that there are other reasons for high consumption of prepared food or takeaway meals in our society, not just the time factor. Fast food is also cheap, tasty, and according to study in 2003, as addictive as heroin due to its sugar and fat content. Some people simply can’t stop eating it because their bodies crave the taste. Rachel also tries to find correlations between our free time or the time remaining to us after contracted (employment and education), necessary (sleeping and eating) and committed duties (domestic work, shopping and childcare). She clearly distinguishes…show more content…
It proclaims principles of rationality, equality and freewill which are guiding individual actions. It means that we sensibly choose with our free will whether to work or not, how long to work and how to spend our free time. In our modern capitalist society, our freewill is challenged by many disparities such as, social status, gender, ethnicity, social setting, education, job preference and general trends in our society. People that irrationally chose to take out a high mortgage, need to be prepared to work longer hours. His/her freewill in regards to working hours is linked to a rational decision about mortgage (in this case), the decision whether to rent or buy the property in the first place and in which suburb. If that person’s decision is guided by good logic, a feeling of a freewill and equality may be attained. If a high mortgage is taken out irrationally, person will feel unequal, will not have freewill guiding his/her actions, and will suffer from stress and over exhaustion, have health problems and perhaps depression. Potentially, the impact of the irrational decision can marginalise this person to the point of seeking help through social

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