Why Have the Works of William Shakespeare Endured for Centuries? Essay

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For 300 years “William Shakespeare has had two lives one on the page and one on the stage” (Research and Innovation). But people ask “Why have the works of William Shakespeare endured for centuries? This is because his wonderful works of his characters, story phrases, and how he just connected to his audience still are alive today as they were alive in the sixteen and seventeen hundreds. This essay will discuss “why the works of William Shakespeare have endured for centuries?” As evidence three main points will be discussed his great stories, his illumination of the human experience, and his compelling characters. To begin with, “William Shakespeare was the most remarkable storyteller that the world has ever known” (Why was Shakespeare Important). Shakespeare created fine pieces of literature which included thirty seven plays that are his finest legacy he left on this world. He has improved the stage with many different genres and has told a variety of stories including comedies, tragedies, histories, and many strange plays that muddled with the human imagination. Shakespeare told these stories so well that they have become unforgettable, and as a result, in the world of storytelling he has become to be known as the greatest. Shakespeare’s stories go beyond time and culture. Shakespeare’s inspiration is seen in many different modern stories. “Modern storytellers continue to adapt Shakespeare’s tales to suit our new world” (Why was Shakespeare Important). In addition to Shakespeare being such a great story writer, “he had summarized human emotions better than any author ever has” (Why Shakespeare). The emotions that Shakespeare expressed in his writing still are existent in modern day society today. By experiencing Shakespeare’s writing and thoughts, people have and will always be able to reflect on them. Shakespeare illuminated human experience by exemplifying

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