Why Had the Usa & Ussr Become Rivals by 1947? Essay

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Why had the USA & USSR become rivals by 1947? One cause of the rivalry between the USA & USSR was the actions of the USA. There were two main events the USA did that would cause a rivalry. To start off with, the USA tested the atomic bomb that they had created without telling the USSR, and then at a later date, dropped two on Japan. This then had a follow on effect, the USSR were suspicious and felt untrusted due to the USA not telling them anything about it. The USSR then followed up this event in 1946 by creating the iron curtain, which had a purpose of protecting the communist countries in Eastern Europe. Inevitably Truman and the USA weren’t massive fans of communism, this is when Truman introduced the ‘Truman Doctrine’ although this didn’t mention communism, Truman wasn’t going to allow any countries get taken over by the USSR. This was basically Truman protecting other countries from communism, although he didn’t mention it, he was taking the subtle approach. Some of the other reasons were due to the actions of the USSR. One of these reasons was when Stalin increased the soviet’s power by taking over certain European countries and turning them communism. This was the main reason that made Truman decide to bring in the Truman Doctrine. Stalin tried to turn as many countries that he could communist so he could have the most power compared to the USA. Stalin also at a later date established the Cominform and Comecon. The Cominform was a soviet dominated organization of Communist parties founded in 1947 at a conference of Communist party leaders in Poland. The council for mutual assistance founded in 1949 was the soviet response to marshal aid. It was supposed to be a means by which the Soviet Union could financially support countries in Eastern Europe. In reality it was used by the soviets to: -control the economies of these states -give

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