Why Gun Control Should Be Banned In Schools

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Stephanie Corona Mrs. Wallace English 2 Honors February 22, 2013 Gun Control & School Safety There are many important issues being faced by our nation today, but one of the most important issues facing the nation in the news today is school safety and gun control. This has been a controversy for the past couple of weeks due to shootings that have occurred in schools and public areas. There are also people who say that guns should be banned for those reasons and those who disagree on this. In which I will discuss into further detail here. My perspective on this is that there should most definitely be more school safety and a higher gun control system. Basically for the reason that now people fear going out into the public because of the fear that these shootings…show more content…
Mainly, people who have suffered the loss of a loved one in those events are asking that there be school safety and the gun control law passed. For the reasons that they don’t want those events to take place again and have the reminder and thought of another family losing someone. Then there are the others who think that it is too much money spent and schools can’t afford the hiring of student resource officers along with them opposing the gun control law being passed. By which they oppose the gun control law because they spend their spare time out hunting or in a range. All of this has been a controversy in our nation and will continue because we all have different perspective on this topic. As for me, you know what I think, and most definitely the law should be enforced more. Especially, in providing safer school environments for young students and doing background checks on gun purchasers, but not banning them completely. In addition, those who oppose all of this have made their points clear and this debate will continue until our government officials reach an agreement on this difficult

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