Why God Allows Evil

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Philosophy Why God Allows Evil Animals and Humans suffer every day from disease, starvation, injury and from from harm from each other every day. Some would argue that a God who is supposed to be all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good would not allow such evil. Is there I reason allows cancer, death and war happen? Can a perfect God just sit back and allow this to happen? In order for life to have meaning it must come of course with good things, but also a responsibility to make things good to have free will to not hurt ourselves or other and to own up to the evil we create. Life needs to be valuable in order to appreciate it. And with so many evils God has presented to us every day it shows us how life can be ended quickly, or is a horrible experience and makes us strive to prevent these problems. Probably the greatest evil of them all is death. It does cause great grief to many when it comes too early but also death can cause the end of a bad thing. Or possibly if seen in a brighter lights just the sad ending to a great thing. When talking about death there can be two arguments. When people die unpredictably due to disease or injury or out of humans control many would like to blame it on Gods’ evil. I would not consider this and evil it is a natural thing. On the other hand many other deaths to humans and animals are caused deliberately by murder or by the pure laziness or even evil of people to stop it. Allowing people to starve in other countries, refusing to cure cancer patients because of shortage of money. Why would God create people that would allow these things to happen? These Moral evils are all surrounded to free will that many believe God has given us. I do not think there is any argument that people would not prefer that God gave us free will, unless one would enjoy being a pre-programed robot not making our own creative thoughts and choices.

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