Why God Allows Evil

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My view on why god allows evil is that he does allow evil simply because of free will. I believe this because god is all-knowing he knows our next move but he gives us free will to choose evil from good or vice versa, but natural evil people wonder why god would allow this and simply I will state why. There are two kinds of evil in the world: moral and natural; both appear to exist in abundance. Moral evils are those evils that are freely inflicted upon humankind by humankind: Larson, adultery, murder, theft, etc.; they result from the choices of free will. Natural evils are those evils that occur as the result of natural processes: earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis, etc. The problem of natural evil is that the problem of explaining why God allows this kind of evil to occur. People always blame god when something bad happens but never when something good. Now in this world there is a balance of everything that is how order is kept in this world therefore for every good thing that happens there will be something bad following. I will be arguing why god allows evil and how he gives us free will to choose from good or evil. God didn't create evil. Evil is only a lacking of good. God is good, and the things that He created are meant to be good. But with the increased capacity of good a created being possess, its capability of evil also increases should the creation reject God. Obviously a non-living object such as a rock lacks much capacity to do good and coincidentally it also lacks much ability to do evil according to this argument (although a falling rock could knock sense either into [good], or out of you [evil])—but a living creature, one who has received the invaluable gift of life, God calls for an unreserved, grateful and active response to do good. That good could also be defined in creaturely terms as the creatures' response to the giver of life that meets
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