Why Fish Are Important Essay

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Farm Raised vs. Wild Caught....What's the difference? Which is better? When you think of fish, in terms of food, you immediately think "Healthy"... right? I know I do! Salmon, Tilapia, Cod, Sea Bass, and various other types of fish are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, rich in various types of nutrients, high in protein and all the while being super low in calories and fat. So what exactly is the problem here? Well, depending on where your fish comes from, you might be getting a side of antibiotics or PCBs that you're unaware of. Sounds a little FiShY doesn't it? This past weekend was the annual Golf and Fishing Charity Tournament put on by the team. It's a great way to mix giving back to the community and FUN altogether in one weekend! Tons of good food, great people and lots and lots of fish! Ryan and I love to go deep sea fishing and it's probably why we get so excited about this Fins Weekend every year. We caught 3 good size Dolphins (Mahi Mahi, not bottle nose dolphins) and 1 Triple Tale. It was a pretty exciting day, but the best part is getting to stock our freezer with fresh, wild caught fish straight from the sea! This of course got me thinking about Farm Raised vs. Wild Caught...I've heard some good and bad about both so I thought I would do some research myself and find out which is truly better... Farm Raised- Consists of raising fish commercially in tanks, enclosures and controlled pens across the country usually in lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans. Due to their compact living situations and feed, they tend to have more diseases, toxins, artificial dyes, antibiotics and contain more fat then compared to their wild caught versions. Wild Caught - These fish tend to be higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and contain very low levels of disease as well as being free from antibiotics, pesticides & artificial dyes. Wild

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