Why To Explore?- Reasons Do Exploration

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Why to explore? The need to discover new things is a like a seed that grows inside every human. Exploration in the New World did not happen because conquistadors wanted to sail. It took place thanks to necessities and desires. This desire inspired the British to travel around the world; thanks to this, settlements and colonies were created in the newly discovered lands. For example, when the British explorers “discovered” this new land, they named it the New World. In the New World, which is today North America, Europeans settled and started new colonies. Colonization in North America took place because of three main reasons: The search for the Northwest Passage, the desire for power and fame, and the spread of religion. The search for the Norwest Passage was one of the most important reasons to explore. This was thanks to the fact that after the capture of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman Empire blocked the trade routes to Asia. This produced a rise in the price of spices, silk, gold, silver, and other very important goods. Explorers such as Christopher Columbus had to find a new route to India and China. The searches for the Northwest Passage led to the discovery of the New World, because explorers, looking for Asia, found what is now America. Also a thirst for power was invading Europe. People at this time wanted more riches and control. This desire for power not only invaded the merchants and explorers, but also the Kings. The monarchs analyzed that by expanding their empire they would become more wealthy and potent. Colonies not only contributed to a bigger empire, but they also provided minerals and goods. Merchants realized that by paying for the equipment of the voyages they would receive part of the riches and supplies found on the conquered lands. One of the explorers who decided to travel because of this reason was Francis Drake. The third
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