Why Exercise Is Important Essay

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The Physiology of Physical Activity – Why Exercise is Important Joseph Owen Whiters Kinesiology 1 – Instructor Suzanne Witmer Long Beach City College We all know that we should exercise, we all know that being active is good for us, but few of us realize that being physically active is the single most important thing that we can do to improve and maintain our health. In reading the article Why Exercise Works Magic, I found out that regular movement not only lowers the risk of developing or dying from heart disease, stroke and diabetes but that it also prevents certain cancers, improves mood, builds bones, strengthens muscles, expands lung capacity, reduces the risks of falls and fractures and helps to keep excess weight in check. The benefits of exercise really start to accumulate once physical activity becomes a routine habit. The body starts to adapt to the increasing demands being placed on it which leads to increased stamina as we become more fit. For example, the lungs process more oxygen as each breath becomes deeper and the heart pumps more blood with each beat. These effects, which typically starts to show up within a few weeks of continued physical activity also leads to changes in biology which in turn improve long-term health. Current research is now challenging what most people thought they knew about how exercise prevents heart disease. It was initially believed that exercise reduced cardiovascular risk by decreasing blood pressure and lowering the amount of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) while raising the amount of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). We know now that this conclusion was only partly correct. Exercise does in fact lower blood pressure substantially for some individuals, but for a lot of people, this benefit is very small. What further investigation has shown is that exercise increases the number of larger, safer LDL

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