Why Esports Might Not Belong in the Olympics

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Response to eSports don't belong at the Olympics In the article “eSports don’t belong at the Olympics” by Nathan Brown he claims that we probably won’t be seeing esports enter the Olympics within the next 30 years and tells us why in some very easy to see and clear details. His first point he makes is on how the general culture of the world views videogames and being a professional gamer in itself. People view videogames as either a time waster that children play with or something that isn’t a sport at all it’s just a silly game that immature people spend their time with. Both of these alone easily block the entrance for videogames. People’s perception on what sport is a very large part of what influences the committees to allow games to enter and how much show time they get. Nathan Brown an article writer for Edge magazine says that a major issue with videogames is “They keep changing. While the rules of many sports are subject to change, their mechanics are constant.” So videogames get constantly updated, or “patched” to use correct terminology, so that they remain balanced or fair. What this does it makes players change what they do or what they play ect ect and can have a major changed on the game itself in some cases where people almost have a totally new play style on the game or to use more terminology the “metagame” shifts in a new direction. The last point he makes and possibly the most important of all is the legal reason of why you can’t have a videogame inside of the Olympics. While nobody can own the players of a videogame the companies do still own the game itself while nobody owns basketball. For that matter nobody owns swimming or tennis so it’s easy to play them because you don’t have to ask anybody if they can play their sport or negotiate terms of who gets what and how the game can be played, it’s however the Olympic committees want it to be

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