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Case study prepared by Majid Osman as a requirement for midterm of contemporary project management course at RKC. Case Study: Potential advantage and disadvantage of adding extra staff to project Introduction: The staff of an organization are an integral part of ensuring its success. Inherently, a staff is an ever-evolving component that can change daily; people come, people go or people move around within an organization. When talented staff leave or move to a different part of the organization, it can often feel overwhelming. Consider these opportunities to strategically address staffing problems or deficiencies. As time passes and operation of the project become increasingly busy, you will find there are employees who are performing duties, and they don't have an explanation as to why. Mostly, everyone in the business world can agree that time is money. An employee shouldn't be performing a task that is not vital to the success or progression of the organization. It is easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day activities without taking a step back to assess and ensure employees are working smarter not harder. Use performance reviews as a time to evaluate what an employee's responsibilities are and whether or not they fit into the strategic plan for your department, division or organization. Consider ways that tasks can be consolidated or even eliminated if they don't. As time passing with the operation of your project the reports shows to you that your project is behind the schedule and you need to find a solution to this dilemma . Being a project manager utilizing an ERP implementation team in order to run huge scaled construction project, reports indicate the reason behind the project is falling behind is due to the productivity of the staff, hence and in order to push up the progress of the project and make it within the target milestone is

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