Why Effective Communication Is Important? Essay

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Communication is one of the most important skills when working with children. Communicating effectively enables people to clearly understand what is being said, this will help to reduce misunderstanding and contribute to a healthy relationship. When communicating with people it is important to have respect. This allows you to accept and value people’s opinions, no matter how you feel towards that person or if you disagree with what is being said. Respect also lies on your body language and actions. Showing respect when communicating is part of being professional. Attempt to have a bit of sense of humour, try not to be so serious about certain situations, this will help you to see the funnier side of things. Being considerate. To do this means to take some time out, to think about what has been shared to you and how that person may feel. Consider how you approach the other person and then how you would respond to them. Listening is also a crucial part when you are communicating; if you don’t listen properly you may miss important information that is being shared. Try to listen to what the person without prejudice, meaning you should not have a pre conceived opinion without listening to the person first. Clarity is important when you are communicating effectively. Make sure that what you are saying is clear for the other person to understand. Be crystal clear with the information you are sharing. All these key points contribute to effectively communicating and without them relationships could break

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