Why Effective Communication Is Essential for Business Success

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“In business, communication is everything” (Blalock, 2005). At the present time, while world’s economy is becoming more global, effective communication is one of the most important factors of successful business. The aim of this essay is to argue in favour of why effective communication is essential for business success. Let’s look at a few vital components of effective communication in modern business. There are two types of communication that occurs in business: internal and external. McClave (2004) defines internal communication as an exchange of information between people within an organisation. Most businesses are a collection of different people with different backgrounds who are responsible for different tasks within the organisation. Management expert Peter Drucker, in an interview with Martin Willoughby (Drucker, 2011), points out, that it is particularly important to understand how well individuals interact within the company. Miscommunication can lead to unsuccessful business, which will include loss of profits for the business, losing customers and business partners, and can even lead to damaging the health of the employees. Therefore, good communication is essential to keep business working efficiently, by ensuring that the personnel are informed and able to perform to their full potential. For instance, if an inexperienced manager gives vague instructions on how to use a new production line that was just installed in the factory, this unclear message could lead to misunderstandings by the workers. This will cause a fall in productivity, and in extreme cases could cause injuries and even death. An organisation has to communicate properly to solve problems and achieve goals. It is important to have a good communication system within business. The more contact there is between colleagues, the less likely the organisation will have problems.
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