Why Drugs Are Bad

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Why Drugs Are Bad Report 1.The reason it is bad to do drugs is because it is against the law and if you can break the law you can be put in jail. Drugs are also bad because they can mess up your life by ruining your chance to get a job because you won't be able to pass a drug test, and no one wants to hire someone who does drugs. Another reason doing drugs is bad is that when a person is intoxicated, they can't think straight so they tend to do stupid things and act really dumb. 2.Doing drugs is a very bad thing for many reasons but one of the, if not the most serious reasons is that drugs kill. Drugs can kill in so many ways and the biggest reason is overdosing. Smoking drugs is another way drugs can kill a person, like it can give them lung cancer. Even if they didn't get lung cancer from it, it can still cause they to start having breathing problems and most drugs will cause short term memory loss. 3.Most people that do drugs have a hard time living their life because the only job they might be able to get is a minimum wadge job, if they can even get that. Their have been many people who have had great lives and were very wealthy, but then they got hooked on drugs and lost it all because of their addiction just like that. Most of the time when a person does drugs they are risking a whole lot and are unaware of how much they are actually risking because they don't really think about it. Another thing about drugs is that they are highly addictive and can make someone go to the extreme to satisfy that addiction. 4.Doing drugs is pretty much gambling with your life which is way to big of a risk for such a dumb thing. Once a person gets caught onto an addiction it is probably the hardest thing to come back from then anything else and sometimes drugs can becomes so addictive that it isn't possible for them to come back from it. Their is a lot of things that drugs
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