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Why Dont We Complain Essay

  • Submitted by: albaqmi
  • on April 5, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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Why Don’t We Complain

Why are we so afraid to speak up when we have a problem?   Everyone has suffered to dissatisfy service in restaurants, hospitals, theaters, and workshops ….etc. Majority of people don’t complain because they think that when they complain, they are not polite and rude.   Majority of American don’t complain in public because it draws negative attention to them. Therefore, Americans shouldn’t shy to complain. I totally agree with Americans become helplessness to complain. This helplessness has affected negatively the country in politics and economics .the current recession that the country has suffered is the result of lack compliance about the performance of government.   Also, our voices should raise up to reform the health care in hospitals.   Americans live in freedom country and they should take advantages from this freedom.
The current recession of America has suffered because a lack of complaint for a bad performance of government.   The symptoms of recession appeared eight years ago, when the president bush was elected. One of these symptoms was the Iraqi War. It was very clear for Americans that war isn’t for protecting America from nuclear weapons that the bush administration claimed that Iraq owns them. The Iraqi war adventure has seriously weakened the U.S. economy. Iraqi war costs 300 millions every day and this amount of money comes from citizens who pay the tax. I got surprised when George bush was reelected to second term in 2005.At that time, Majority of American didn’t complain about the Iraqi War and reelected George bush although they knew that he lied on Americans about Iraqi war.   If Americans had complained to stop Iraqi war at the beginning, America will save a lot of money and the economy of the country will be strong. I believe that if Americans stay avoiding complaint to government, they will lose a lot of their own rights. Lately, Americans have started complain against the Iraqi war but this was very late....

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