Why Don’T Doctors Essay

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Blogger, Maggie Mahar was an English professor at Yale University, from which she holds a B.A. and a Ph.D. in English literature, in her Blog, “Pilots Use Checklists. Doctors Don’t. Why Not?” tells many different stories about a child care in a hospital and pilots and how they used checklists to perform their duties. Mahar purpose is to get the important of a checklist is and why don’t Doctors do not use checklists. Mahar use an emotion tone in the blog to get the reader attention and keep the reader attention throughout the blog. Mahar begins her Blog by tell a story about a three-year-old who falls into in icy fishpond in a small Austrian town. Mahar tells you everything about what this three year old had to good trough to recover from her fall in to the icy pond. She also tells you that if the ICU did not do every step correctly that the three year old girl would not be here today. The reason Mahar told this to us first is because she knew that with are emotions we would be hooked from the start. Us the reader could not pass up an story about three year old almost losing her life. From personal experience I knew that once I started reading I could not stop. As I read I found that Mahar used are emotion to keep us in to the blog. But then Mahar out of the blue turn her into the purpose of the blog. Mahar starts the purpose by telling us the first person to try the checklist in a hospital Peter Pronovost and went and told us the steps they took to put the checklist in hospital. When Mahar moved right in on to the purpose of the blog she knew that she already had us hooked and wasn’t going to lose are attention. But as you fished reading the blog Mahar surprise you by telling you that not many hospitals have these checklists in place. Then she tells us that it would not take much to put this checklist in place it would take two billion dollars and two years. As

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