Why Does the Virtue of the Characters from Pride and Prejudice Affect Their Success in Marriage?

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Why does the virtue of the characters from Pride and Prejudice affect their success in marriage? Liza Willett 2129-029 May 2012 3314 words Table of Contents Abstract…. Page 3 Introduction…. Page 4 Austen’s Sense of Virtue…. Page 6 How Virtuous Quatlies Lead to Happiness….9 The Consequence of Lacking Virtue….11 Conclusion…. Page 15 Bibliography….Page16 Abstract This paper is focused on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to determine the reasons behind the correlation between Austen’s characters’ traits and their relationships. Austen endows some of her characters with virtue or the drive to uncover their own virtues, whereas many of her other characters fail to achieve virtue. I started my research by concentrating on Jane Bennet who appeared as a virtuous character because of her naturally loving and generous personality. Jane also receives a very pleasant life with her love Charles Bingley. Only two other couples are so blessed, and the characters in these couples stand out from the other characters and their relationships in the novel. I explore in my paper how Austen used the virtuous qualities of certain characters to help them find true love, whereas others suffer from their vices. From Austen’s representations of virtues and marriages, I draw conclusions regarding the virtues that Austen prized and those that she found irrelevant for saving the characters’ from their vices. I concluded that Austen believed in marriages with an abundance of love and respect between the couples by finding that marriages made by couples who married for money, lust, and business did not obtain happiness. Introduction Jane Austen, a well-known 19th century novelist, notably writes about marriage and love. Austen herself never married and instead relied on the money she received from publishing and from her father’s will. It was during this
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