Why Does The Uk Have An Uncodified Constitution

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Introduction to the UK Constitution: General objectives (1) History and Sources (2) Constitutional Principles (3) Democracy and the constitution: elections (4) The role of Parliament (5) The PM and the executive (6) Devolution and the Territorial Division of Power (7) Administrative state and administrative remedies (8) Judicial review and the consitutional protection of rights Feudal Monarchy * Legacy of Roman Britain e.g. towns and roads * Invasion by Angles, Saxons and Vikings most buildings destroyed and few stone buildings * Scotland, Wales and Ireland separate nations e.g. Hadrian’s wall. * Norman Conquest in 1066. Doomsday Book [1085] transformed the administrative state on feudal…show more content…
Why does the UK have an uncodified constitution? The British Constitution is not contained in any one document nor is there such a thing as higher order law, entrenchment. The Constitution evolved over time and this evolution was first about qualifying the absolute power of the King. Magna Carta 1215 imposed limitations on Royal power. Bill of Rights 1689 laid out basic rights but mainly recognised the shift of power from the King to Parliament. No taxation, army etc. without Parliament. Great Reform Act 1832 important step in redistribution of seats and the grant of the right to vote. Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949 imposed limitations on the powers of the House of Lords. Sources of the Constitution If we wanted to describe the UK constitution it would consist of a range of different sources. Statute law: some are of central significance, see below Common law e.g. Entick v Carrington
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