Why does poverty exist in uk society

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WHY DOES POVERTY PERSIST IN CONTEMPORARY UK SOCIETY There are two different ways of defining poverty. The two different approaches have been favoured by many sociologists and researchers. The two different ones are; Absolute poverty and Relative Poverty (Giddens 2006). Absolute poverty is where people are lacking things for example; sufficient food shelter and clothing. These people are known to live in poverty. Relative poverty is where people are having a better life and they have enough money to buy things like food, clothing, get a sheltered place (Giddens 2006). Poverty is measured within our society there is a ‘Poverty Line’ which determines how poor a person is (Cohen 2007). Absolute poverty is determined is based on the price of the basic goods needed for human survival in a particular society. Individuals or households whose income falls below the poverty line are said to live in poverty. Relative poverty is seen as where an individual can afford the small luxuries in life (Conway 1987). Years ago it was seen as a person was in the ‘relative poverty’ if they had for instance; central heating in their house, kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, cookers, and also things such as telephones (Giddens 2006). In today’s industrialised societies, they are seen as necessities for leading a full and active life. There were many people who had studied these theories by practicing research methods such as questionnaires and interviews (Brewer Et Al 2006). One famous sociologist named ‘Karl Marx’ began working on his theory which will be discussed later. There are also issues with capitalism which will be later discussed. Poverty is a global issue. Everywhere you look you see people suffering with life due to poverty (Lupton 2003). The media does not help much due to the fact all you see if wealthy people on television, which in sense would make a

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