Why Does My Teacher Make Me Read in Silence Essay

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WHY DOES MY TEACHER MAKE ME READ SILENTLY? Silent Reading is a discipline that is more complex than it seems. Although today we take it for granted as a teaching activity, the first record of a silent reading was relevant during ancient times. St. Ambrose (AD 383) was a monk, and an extraordinary reader. When he was abstracted in reading he internalized the meaning of words without opening his mouth or moving his tongue. The silent reading of St. Ambrose is the first historical record of a person who consistently studied and devoted his activity to this type of reading. Before Christ, the languages of the Bible (Aramaic and Hebrew) did not really differentiate between reading and speaking. Today it is strange to think that the goal of these languages was to read aloud. We cannot understand the comprehension of a text without thinking that the reading of it is performed in silence. I will list some important reasons to practice silent reading. The learners need to: 1. Read faster. Reading and speaking takes more time than just reading in silence. Silent reading gives the learner the opportunity to read whole words or groups of words at the same time. 2. Understand what they are reading. When you read in silence you will have more capacity to understand what you are reading because you do not have to use the other half of your brain to concentrate on pronunciation. 3. Concentrate on pronunciation When you read out loud, half of the learner’s brain is focused on the meaning of a text so the brain loses the capacity to focus 100% on pronunciation. It is very hard to read a long text and pay attention to the pronunciation. 4. Move quickly to find information If the learners read out loud most probably they will read the sentences in order. Skimming and scanning texts, are done in silence and move the learner faster

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