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Why Do You Want To Be An Engineer? Essay

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Below is an essay on "Why Do You Want To Be An Engineer?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Science has always intrigued me from the very beginning. Starting from forth grade, I loved doing experiments, observing cells, solving problems related with machines. My inclination to science in primary school has urged me to become a science student in high school. I have participated debates, competitions related with science and advocated my ideas clearly. I have also joined the school's science club where I learned the basics of doing a research and how to prepare a thorough science project. Especially my high school years have played an instrumental role on choosing my major. Since, I wasn't into studying medicine, I realized that engineering would be the best place to continue and develop my interest in science.

Starting from my childhood, I have been exposed to engineering in many ways. When I was about 10 years old, my father would pick me up from the school and take me to our factory. I would spend at least two hours a day scrutinizing the machines, running around the factory and putting my nose into the employee's work. After 3 years, I had a work experience in the factory for a month. I was in the packaging section, however I had the access to go to every department and observe the engineers. I would ask them many questions and try to understand their work-styles. Although it didn't last for a long period of time, I got the chance to see the real conditions of a work environment and decide by virtue of my observations.

This experience has thought me a lot of things. Besides showing me the importance of perseverance and hard work, it made me realize that engineering is my ideal major. I am a person who is a researcher and an investigator. I like questioning the variability of things before fully accepting them. I like to be a part of a contentious environment because it forces me to improve my qualities constantly. By studying engineering, I will be able to use my skills and creativity
to solve the problems. Furthermore, I will be helpful to the...

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