Why Do You Think Wives In The 1940s Were More Inclined To Stay With Men

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Journal Questions on Death of a Salesman 1. Comment on the way Willy treats his wife. Do you think wives in the 1940s were more inclined to stay with men who treated them like that than women today are? Why or why not? Wily treated his wife with no respect when they were together around their sons. When they were alone he treated his wife with love respect and courtesy. I think Wily did that because he just wanted to connect more with his son without his wife interrupting them. I feel wives back then were treated like that but stayed with their man because a family and a marriage was the most important thing back then. Women now days are more independent and know if they are treated that way then they should leave. 2. Early in Death of a Salesman, Willy comments that you work a lifetime to pay off a…show more content…
What is the source of conflict between Willy and the boys? The conflict between Wily and the boys is that he wants them to be successful and they were not striving their best to do so. Wily was not really there for his boys because he was always on the read. Wily built them up but really didn’t teach them anything. 7. Why is there so much more conflict between Biff and his father? There is so much more conflict with Biff and his father because Wily wants to mold his son Biff into a success that he thinks the American Dream holds for him. Although his tries throughout this molding he fails. Another reason why there was so much conflict was because Biff caught him cheating on his mom. Biff looked up to his dad but when he caught him cheating that all went away. 8. What hope once brought joy to the family, and how was it destroyed? The hope that the family will be successful and live a happy life once brought joy to the family. The hope that the boys would go into business for themselves brought joy to Linda and Wily. What destroyed it is the fact the Biff finally realized that he is not the person his dad wants him to be and that is not his
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