Why Do Women Participate In Politics

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When one woman is a leader, it changes her. When more women are leaders, it changes politics and policies.” 8.1 Analysis of present position of women As we have seen in our previous chapter, all the data reveal that from the local to the global level, women’s leadership and political participation are restricted. Women are under represented as voters, as well as in representation in the political arena, This occurs despite of proven their abilities as leaders and as a representative, and their right to participate equally in democratic governance. Women face several obstacles throughout their lives as we have discussed in our previous chapter and they need to cross thousands of hurdles before participating in political life. 8.2 Research Findings…show more content…
Only .07% respondent did answer of this question Figure 8.2 Participation of women in politics Our Women respondent not only have an interest in politics even though more than 60% women want to participate in politics. It means if they will get the opportunity they can explore their potential and extend their help in developing the nation with their own perspective. Now govt must ensure to enhance the political participation of women. Figure 8.3 How women want to participate in politics This is an irony that women themselves are not willing to participate in the politics on upper level. When it was asked to them that how they want to participate in the politics- as a voter or as a representative, 63% women choose to participate as a voter. 3% women want to participate as a representative. Only 15.5% respondent involve herself both as a representative as well as a voter. 17.8% respondent does not want to participate neither as a voter nor as a representative. 1% respondent did not prefer to answer this…show more content…
Women have that kind of feeling contrast to men who always want to capture the power and try to maintain it. Figure 8.6 Barriers in the way of women to join politics If women are willing to join politics than which are the barriers stopping women to join politics. In our chapter 7 we have seen that there are numerous problems faced by women during and after joining the politics.58% respondent feels that crime and corruption are the main barrier in the way of women to join politics.15% respondent said that due to lack of resources women are not capable to join politics. 16% women said that lack of knowledge pressurized women to stay away from the political field. 28% women said due to lack of family support they are not capable to join politics. In short, we can analyze and interpret that women need to cross so many hurdles and barriers before and after joining the politics and reaching the level of decision making and policy making. Figure 8.7 Women can handle the

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