Why Do We Use Animals In Biomedical Research?

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Why are scientists given such a high rank if they are the ones making animals suffer? This question may come across the mind of a person who is against testing animals in Biomedical Research. You see the reason that scientists use animals for this research is because of all the previous achievements, such as the solving of medical problems, development of new techniques, treatments, and cures for diseases. Biomedical research has led to life-saving surgical procedures, cancer therapies, organ transplantation, vaccines, safer consumer products and etc. The organs and the body systems of animals are similar to humans and to other animals, which is the basic reason why scientists use animals for this research. Having a short life span helps to add on as one of the reasons animals are used. Also animals can get the same diseases that a human can. Scientists have been claiming that without animal research, every medical break through of the past century would not have been possible. With this information that has been given to you, I will discuss the pros and cons of this topic that we are discussing. The good part of this is that Animal testing can be as simple as ringing a bell and feeding a dog in order to understand how animals learn. That's animal testing, which nobody can deny. Some people do think that this is a good idea, wasting a poor animals life, just to make sure that nothing happens to those people when they wash their hair with shampoo or put on lip gloss. They want to be safe when they are buying a new product, but how can you look at your pet after knowing what another animal has went through, just for a simple thing. Personally I am neither for nor against this whole animal testing. I believe that some aspects of testing on animals are indeed cruel and shouldn't be done, but testing on animals in the case of trying to find ways to cure and

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