Why Do We Study Macbeth?

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As you all know Shakespeare is one of the most popular people in history. If you ask anyone about him they would obviously know you Shakespeare is. Shakespeare is a writer, poet and he does many things that inspired others. As he was writing a play 500 years ago called Macbeth people now a day would actually study something that is over 500 years old. But have you ever wondered why are we still studying it? Why are we learning about something that is so old and has no use? Well we study Shakespeare’s plays today such as Macbeth because the stories are timeless, beautifully written and has been spent a lot of time on. It traces the minds of an ambitious and ruthless man and his wife, and what happens when the moral lines are crossed. Of course killing the king was a major problem, but Macbeth has the opportunity. Macbeth & Lady Macbeth knew that they would have one chance to kill Duncan so Macbeth would become king if they do they would have all the glory, power, fame, money that they could possibly want. The temptation and tension in the story was great. But think of the modern days? On how they would kill kings now, it was much different than how Macbeth & Lady Macbeth did. While reading this story it caused the reader to be more interested in how things went ages ago and wanted to know more about Macbeth and his future after killing King Duncan. We learn the olden days language, words and how they used to speak. Also it is a very interesting play and we could learn so much about history and know how interesting it was. The play is very interesting from a criminal mind perspective. Such shows are rampant on TV today, but not with the depth of the Shakespearean
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