Why Do We Remember the Titanic

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Why do we remember the Titanic? In this essay I am going to discuss ideas as to why we remember the Titanic. The Titanic built by Harland and Wolff, shipbuilders for White Star Line in 1909 and finished in 1911. It set sail the year after in 1912. Although the Titanic is known for carrying the rich and famous, the Ship actually had several purposes to carry British and US mail and to carry general cargo and frozen meat since at that time Europe could not produce enough livestock. It shows us that at this time people wanted to try and develop new things and systems to try to enhance and create better livelihood. People really thought that Titanic was going to be the unsinkable ship due to the fact that it was advertised everywhere that the Titanic was the place to be. It was also a massive development in technology and people weren’t really used to things like this. On the 2nd April 1912 the Titanic set off on its great voyage to America it was on the water for 4 days before hitting an iceberg and sinking 2hours and 40 minutes later. The Titanic was remarkable because, for its time, it was the biggest man-made ship. It had the biggest capacity and the most elaborate cabin areas, surpassing those before it and even its twin sister. It was claimed to be unsinkable, the first ship to ever be able to say this but unfortunately it sunk. It was an important event because so many people died when the ship sank, partly because of the lack of lifeboats, after the sinking no ship was allowed to set sail unless there were enough lifeboats for everyone on the ship. It was called one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters. I think that the titanic is still talked about because it’s a technological story, where everything seemed to be right with the ship then things went not only wrong, but so horribly wrong, so quickly that it captured people’s imagination at the time.
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