Why Do We Need Things In Macbeth

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In Macbeth, there was a strong theme conveyed that had to with the need for oneself to feel empowered or emotionally the strongest. Macbeth, the tragic hero was overtaken with ambitious thoughts of ruling everything and eventually it was his demise. Needing things in life can go to a certain distance before things go out of hand. Killing people to get what you want in life is not the right way to do things. The theme I have chosen to write about it a man’s will to acquire what he wants is not always worth it in the end. Macbeth shows signs of the urge to need things from the beginning of the story. Once he learned the valuable knowledge that was to be king his mind went racing with thoughts of power. The readers and the audience see the changed in the attitude of Macbeth and his wife from the prophecies they had received. Ambition has taken over the simple mind of the great warrior Macbeth. His will to acquire this difficult task of being king has just…show more content…
He devised a plan to murder the current king, King Duncan. His strong will to have what he wants has taken over his good habits and good willed heart and turned him into an ambitious man who wants everything. Once the murder has been committed and some days have passed the guilty trip sets in hard. Macbeth tries to coop with the stress but his guilty conscience makes his mind spin. Macbeth begins to kill more to acquire the throne of Cawdor. The more he kills the more it haunts him in the end. Macbeth kills a man named Banquo. During the play he is talking about his achievements of becoming king and his conscience is so messed up and enraged with fear, he sees a ghost of the dead Banquo. Macbeth’s mind and attitude have changed since the beginning. Once the prophecies were given, Macbeth’s mindset has gone from respectable warrior to ambitious power holder. Aggression and a need of power have changed the perspective of Macbeth and in the end it gets him
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