Why Do We Need It? Essay

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Why does everyone feel like they must have everything? Everyday whether you realize it or not you are exposed to some form of advertisement, it might be the logo on someone’s shirt or an actual advertisement on the television, radio or billboard. According to Webster’s Dictionary, materialism has been defined as the theory or doctrine that physical security and worldly possessions make for the highest value in life. In other words we as Americans look to possessions to bring us happiness. American society revolves around consumption so much so that over two-thirds of the economy involves the buying and selling of consumer goods (Masci 1). Americans are too materialistic and are lured in by advertisements to buy products that they would otherwise not need, if it were not for our attraction to worldly possessions. Sources for this paper were found off the Appalachian State University Library website and off of Wise Owl. Wise Owl is an online database that has articles from newspapers, magazines and other various readings, I found out about this three years ago while researching for another paper. My graphs are straight from the articles but they are citied in order to give full credit to the author. People spend a lot of time being around stores because they are everywhere and are therefore fueled to spend their hard earned money. Many of the facts such as, “In fact, the mall pulls in more visitors than any attraction in Virginia -- an estimated 23 million people last year -- including such venerable sites as Arlington National Cemetery and Colonial Williamsburg (Masci 3),” helps to show that Americans would rather spend time at the mall spending their hard earned money than go to a historical spot. That fact is just astonishing to think that spending money is better than learning about how America was built. Since 1900 businesses have been spending over $500

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