Why Do We Hear, from Antiquity Itself, More Said Against Than for Athenian Democracy?

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Why do we hear, from antiquity itself, more said against than for Athenian democracy? The word democracy or democratic, comes from two Greek words: a noun, demos which means ''people'' and a verb, kratein, which means ''to rule''. It’s basic meaning is ''government by the people" or "rule by the ruled.”. Democracy was created and initially used in 5th Century Athens. While democracy is viewed as a positive concept in modern day Europe, in ancient Greece it was constantly debated and opposed by many, including oligarchs and philosophers. While democracy was criticized by a number of wealthy Athenians, it is fair to say that it was regarded by the democrats themselves as the rule of law, and was linked to both public and political liberty or eleutheria. According to the Athenian democrats, the source of constitutional power rested in the hands of all the citizens. Ideas were expressed directly through the Assembly, which consisted of all male citizens over 18 years of age and who were willing to attend the sessions held about every 10 days. There was no system of representation calling for long campaigns and expensive elections. Whatever this Assembly decided by vote was the law of the land.. The Athenian democracy worked fairly well. The main reason for its success was the quality of the citizens. From the days of Solon, its first lawgiver, the Athenians like the rest of the Greeks had a deep respect for what they called the golden mean, which meant that they avoided extremes in politics. There are various arguments for and against the democracy in Ancient Greece. In Pericles’ famous ‘Funeral speech’, the advantages of the Athenian Democracy were summarized as the following: The power is in the hands not of an elite or a minority but of the whole people Everyone is equal before the law The Athenian democracy gave freedoms that no other

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