Why Do We Create Stereotypes Essay

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Why Do We Create Stereotypes John Langan’s informative article “Creation of Stereotypes” (2009) objectively enumerates the causes that compel people to label others. First, Langan says that people label others to give easy reasons for their actions. Next, he states that people use stereotypes to find someone to blame for some problem. Last, Langan says that people label one another to show power or dominance over others (pp. 327-328). In paragraph 2, Langan says that “A man who is angry at his boss may pick a fight with his wife; she becomes the scapegoat for his hostile feelings towards his boss” (p. 510). By this statement Langan suggests that when a husband gets angry at his boss, he may come home and abuse his wife since he cannot strike out at his boss. I have a personal example that supports Langan’s point. An experience that I had with my husband, Ahmed, during May 2008 corroborates Langan’s point that a husband angry at his boss can end up taking his anger out on his wife. During the first years of our marriage, it was necessary that we both work. There just was not enough money from Ahmed’s salary alone to allow me to stay at home with kids. The story began when Ahmed, his brother and father were negotiating a loan with Kuwait National Bank and they could not reach an agreement. Soon this became a problem at home. As a young working mother with two children under the age of three, there were times I could not keep to a schedule. One evening in May, I was late coming home from work, the children were cranky, and I did not have the ingredients for the dish I was planning to make for dinner. When my husband came home from work, he was immediately rude because dinner was not ready and on the table. He instantly became angry and said, “This would not happen if you weren’t insistent on working. A good wife would be at home taking care of the

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