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Why Do We Crave For Horror Movies Essay

  • Submitted by: Warinyarj
  • on October 20, 2011
  • Category: English
  • Length: 294 words

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Warinya Rojanasuwan
Eng 116
Wed 7.00-9.30 pm

Why do we crave for horror movies?

When I read the topic of the essay, Why do we crave for horror movie? I was like, this is interesting because I’m the one who enjoy watching horror movie too.
He stated that we all human are some way mentally ill, I agree with that. We have some private stuff that we don’t let others know. Some have strange fears that some don’t even know how it comes. For me, I have a lot of weird things that only my close friends or my family knows, and I’m sure everybody has it. I’m not those kind of person who has to watch all the horror movies that come out. I prefer the horror movies that have the good plot and understanding script. In my opinion, I think people crave for horror movie because it’s not something that we see everyday, it’s something that we don’t know and never experienced it before. It kind of give me more perspective of life. In the other hand, sometimes when I watched the horror movie, I promise to myself that I wouldn’t watch this kind of movie again because it gives me nightmare and give me the kind of fear that I don’t want. But when the next horror movie comes out, I go watching it. People got a very complex mind and its really hard to tell if I have to tell the really main reason, I guess its like we playing a roller coaster, it gives you an excitement and kind of feeling that your heart beating so fast and somewhat people enjoy that kind of feeling.

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