Why Do Teenagers Drink Alcohol

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Why Do Teenagers Drink Alcohol? On a study I found on a website called www.dontserveteens.gov, they write that 11 percent of eighth graders and 22 percent of high school sophomores binge drink alcohol which is more than five alcoholic drinks in one sitting and 65 percent of high school seniors have gotten drunk in the previous month. There are so many things people could say on why teenagers drink. Some people say peer pressure, some people say they like the feeling, and some people say they drink just to set the mood for the night they don’t want to feel left out. There’s not one set reason on why teens drink, personal friends have told me they drink because there parents do it I actually know a few kids who’s parents drink with them. I know that sounds a little sad but that’s reality if the parents do it why can’t the kids some teens would say. Parents are what make the worse and best habits I you. Some teenagers would say there’s a difference between dinking alcohol and drinking alcohol till your drunk. Kids say that when they party they drink but they don’t get drunk but what does that mean? How do you know when your drunk? What’s a little buzzed but it’s ok to drink alcohol only if you don’t get to drunk. I think teens drink because they think its what they should do when they’re young. Because that’s what kids do when they’re in high school even though they don’t even enjoy drinking. Some kids turn there drinking at parties into habits and then it eventually becomes an addiction. Some kids drink because it’s just around and in the house. Do I think it’s ok to underage drink no is there something I can do about probably. But drinking when your not of age is something no one can stop a kid from doing if anything it’s going to make them want to do it
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