Why do teenagers commit suicide?

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Suicide2 Suicide amongst teens is a worldwide problem. Teens are committing suicide younger and younger. Studies show that the majority of teens that commit suicide are 14 years of age. Furthermore, males commit most of these teenage suicides. (Beautrais, Annette 2001) Also in 2003 the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that 16.9% of teenagers in high school had seriously considered committing suicide and 8.5% attempted suicide in the past year. (Cho, Hyunsan, Guo, iritani, & hallfor 2006) So why do teens commit suicide and how can we help them? Is it their environment, or is it biological? Studies have shown that both of these are possibilities. Cleveland and Wiebe in there 2003 study showed that symptoms of suicide such as depression, aggression, and substance abuse are hereditary. (Cho, Hyunsan, Guo, iritani, & hallfors 2006) To prove this theory Glowinski uses Twin Study Methodology. This form of a study is done because it can separate genetic from environmental influence. Fraternal twins share half of their genes just like any full siblings. If you put fraternal twins and identical twins in the same environment the trait that comes up most in fraternal twins is genetic. (Turecki,2001) With this information Glowinski was able to prove that symptoms of suicide and the actual action of suicide can be genetic Although the study proved that suicide can be genetic, there is one flaw in the study. Some other factors can be stress from everyday activity. A study shows that a socially isolated child of high intelligence, who’s mother is ill, or a child who tends to be aggressive and often gets in trouble at school have a better chance of killing them selves. Other factors could include religious beliefs or ostracism. For example New Zealand has the highest teenage
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