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Why Do People Believe In God Essay

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  • on January 9, 2011
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Why do people believe in God



December 19, 2010

Why Do People Believe in God

Who is God, and why we believe in him? This question has been the topic of conversation for thousands of years with many people. The reason people believe in God is because they were taught not to question God. Not until people reach a certain age is when many start to really question God. Whether your a believer or nonbeliever of God, most have some type of faith they believe in.

First people believe in god is because they were taught not to question God. As young children we are told what to do so we live by what our parents tell us. “Now that we don't believe, What do we believe in now? Your my mother instruct me”(Maher). If you were brought up in a religious family then the chances are that you were taught to pray as soon as you could talk. It is instilled in us as a child to believe in God.   Families, friends and even in schools teaches to believe in God. So naturally, you will have some kind of faith in God.

Secondly, belonging to a unit or group of people, who believe in the same cause. “Similar to the way this framing implicitly views religion as unitary”(Fish 27).   It makes life easier. Some people have to have faith to believe in God. Since we cannot see Him or touch Him, we have to have faith. As we grow older   we began to question why do we believe in God. We start to think about all the wars, murders, and senseless acts that are committed and wonder if there is a God.
Then we see people praying to their God for many different reasons.   Sometimes people pray for help and feel that God is the only one that can help them. It could be for a loved one who is dying from some kind of disease. If they lived that makes people believe in God.   When we are use to going to church and worshiping the same beliefs we feel that our unit is what's right. So when the routine is broken we cannot understand.

Finally the reason people believe in God,...

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