Why Do Kids Play Hockey?

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The news covered this story for more than 3 weeks. The son of the great Patrick Roy was suspended from his junior hockey league for a fight. The 19-year-old goalie started a fight with the opposing team’s goalie in an attempt to…well we don’t really know why. He beat him to a semi-conscious pulp and once again, no reason for his actions. There was indeed a few other fights broken out on the ice, but is that an excuse for him to let his emotions get the best of him? According to the reports, Patrick Roy (who is the coach of the team) would have been seen encouraging his son into battle. In hockey the goalies are almost sacred. If one of the opposing players so much as touches the goalie, many a time the defense men will “defend” their goalie by…show more content…
Players that get paid to play a sport they love and are good at. Players that are role models and are in the public eye. A vast majority of the Canadian population watches these players on national television, and some of the spectators are children. These children look up to the men playing on the ice. They want to be just like them: play hockey because they love it. But when a fight breaks out, those children believe it is okay to fight, not only on the ice, but anywhere else. Why shouldn’t they? Their heroes are doing it. Evidently we have a great number of spectacular players. They work hard and train hard to play in the NHL. Everyone has their moments, but is it necessary to scrap on the ice? It is possible to play hockey and not fight with the other players. I can understand the body checks to a certain point, but a full on fight is not necessary to the overall game. The spectators lose sight of why they are truly watching hockey: because they love the sport. They love the game. Before watching another hockey game we should ask ourselves why are we really watching, because we want to encourage our team or because we want to see Kovalev beat up

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