Why Do Judges Stay In Office

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Many federal government positions that hold much superiority and power only have a set number of terms that are able to be served. For example, House of Representatives are only allowed 2 years to serve within the House, Senators have a maximum of 6 years in office, and the President can only serve 4 years with a limit of two terms. But the only institution that holds much power that has a lifetime tenure in office is the Supreme Court magistrates. It is not a good idea to allow judicial judges the ability to stay in office for lifetime term. As long as we let this take place, the Supreme Court will have way too much power in many different aspects. This position is very honorable that projects much influence on the country; “They overturn laws passed by legislators, constitutionalize rights not enumerated in the Constitution, and even determine the outcome of a presidential election...If not potent enough, federal judges hold their jobs for life” (Paragraph 3). They are responsible for a number of laws and amendments in the Constitution including abortion, race, property rights, the death penalty, class prayer, flag burning, and even authorizing medical marijuana. With this argument there are many good reasons to back up this opinion. The judicial branch holds too much power and…show more content…
Some citizens mutually agree that allowing the judges to hold this long of a reign, attaining much power, will result in their ability to battle through any external manipulations and political harassment when making any major decisions. If the judges on the bench all had experience with the media, they would not be as pressured as to what is being said on the media and their decision will not be altered. The judges cannot be bias when it comes to hearing a case and making an overall
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