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Gun Control People seem to think making more gun control laws is going to solve all the problems we have with guns and killing... But will it they really? After all these years of things being how they are? Is there really going to be a noticeable change in gun violence because of these new laws? I personally don't think so... I feel as if there are way too many guns already out there to do anything about them. And therefore taking guns away from normal everyday people won't help anything. The way I see it many people have guns as of right now. And not all of them are necessarily “good” people. So making more gun laws is not going to help in stopping crazy people from getting them! See if someone like that really wanted to do a horrible…show more content…
But you may be thinking, well that’s all guns a really for! Which is true! Guns are made to kill. It’s plain and simple, although, that doesn't make them a bad thing. Imagine… You’re at your house watching TV with the family and then all this sudden you hear someone breaking into your home! Sure you could call the cops and hope they were there in time to save you and your family from this unknown robber. But no… The burglar soon gets in through a window or a door and shoots you and your family... That brings me to my next topic, guns for home defense. See had you, or any other person in that situation had a handgun or any gun for the matter you could have saved you and your family from all harm! Now if we create more gun control laws which make it harder for civilians to get home defense guns then its just putting more people lives in danger. Essentially, making it easy for bad people to do things like that. Not only will gun laws make it less affordable to obtain guns but it will also make the whole process of get them a lot harder. See as of right now guns don't need to be registered you could simply go to a gun show or just over to your neighbor's house and buy a gun! Which is one thing this whole gun control thing might be helpful for, but at the same time it will make it a huge hassle to buy self defense or home defense buyers to get

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