Why Do Concentration Camps Live Away From Society

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1. Hidden from Society For the most part, concentration camps are a thing of the past. They were a lot more common during WWI and WWII. However, they do still exist is some third-world countries. These camps are commonly known for their inhumane treatment of prisoners of war. People usually first hear about concentration camps with some association of Adolf Hitler and the extermination of the Jews. These camps were also called extermination camps because the Nazis mostly just slaughtered the Jews. There are many survivors who are still alive today that can tell horrifying stories of their experience in a concentration camp. Most of them have suffered some kind of physical or emotional damage from lack of food, physical abuse, or being cut off from society for so long. Most people do not realize the affect that being alone without any other human interaction can have on the mind. We, as humans, are social creatures and it is imperative to our well being that we interact with each other. Another important factor in these survivors lives is the physical damage they have suffered. The main thing that is detrimental to their physical health is malourishment. In concentration camps prisoners are given just enough food to…show more content…
Some people think that when a person goes to prison they are cut off from society. However, our prisons today are a much more social place than a concentration camp. Prisoners have the ability to get visitors, use the Internet, get adequate amounts of food, socialize with other inmates, play games, watch movies and many other activities to keep them busy and entertain them. Obviously prisons are nothing like concentration camps because camp prisoners have none of these privilages. 350 words

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